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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did I receive a letter from International Locator Service?

A letter is sent to those people whom we believe may be entitled to unclaimed funds.  This could be due to you directly or as an heir or beneficiary to an estate.  If your letter contained an Unclaimed Property Recovery Agreement, then we have determined that you may have entitlement.


If your letter was an inquiry about a deceased owner, then our research shows that you may have information about that person and we need your help.

When can you tell me the source of the unclaimed funds?

By law, unless you are a client of International Locator Service, we are unable to provide you with any private information regarding this entitlement.  Once you sign the agreement, you will receive a telephone call or letter outlining all of the details and specifics as to how we will proceed. 

Why do you have to hire an attorney to probate the decedent's estate?

When  a person dies with assets that are not jointly held with another, those assets may require a probate proceeding naming the heirs and beneficiaries, whether by Last Will & Testament or by intestate law.   A court order may need to be provided to the holder of the assets so it is clear who is the owner after the death of the decedent.  If an estate has already been filed, additional legal work may be required to satisfy the requirements of the holder of the funds.

How long will it take before I receive my money?

If an estate needs to be filed, it normally takes about four to five months to receive your money.  If an estate has already been filed, then it will reduce the time to approximately three months.  These times are only estimates, however, because each case is unique in how best to proceed to claim the money.

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