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About Us

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International Locator Service began in 1974 when Pat Traylor had the opportunity to find a much-needed service of locating missing heirs and beneficiaries.  Through the years, the company has grown from a small one-person office into a licensed private investigative agency with numerous employees to service our clients on a more personal level.  A large portion of our business deals with more complicated cases in which the owners of unclaimed funds are deceased and the heirs have no knowledge of the existence of a possible inheritance.  


International Locator Service is a licensed Private Investigative Agency (since 1986) based in the State of Florida, License number A8600372


​International Locator Service incorporated in 1987 in the State of Florida.


We have been members of the West Florida Better Business Bureau since 1989 and we are proud to have earned and maintained an A+ rating. 

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