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Call us: 727-532-0900 or toll free: 800-634-5881
International Locator Service
International Locator Service is a Florida licensed private investigative agency with all employees being state licensed and able to handle all areas of unclaimed funds.  Through the numerous databases available to us, we specialize in locating assets and their rightful owners.  When the original owner is deceased, we then locate the heirs/beneficiaries so that they recover what is rightfully theirs. 

International Locator Service handles every phase of the asset recovery including hiring an attorney to file probate proceedings and review documentation before filing your claim. We also know how to procure documentation required to prove your claim and show that you are an entitled heir or beneficiary.

If an owner dies without a Last Will & Testament, our staff is able to do the required genealogy for those cases where no immediate family member is apparent. If it is required, our certified genealogist can identify the entitled heirs and beneficiaries of an estate.

All services performed by International Locator Service are included in the fee quoted by us. We ask for no advance monies of any kind and all costs of collection are paid by us. You will be paid directly from the holder of the unclaimed funds; we never receive the portion of the money due to you. Our fee will be deducted before the holder mails your check. If we are unsuccessful in claiming your unclaimed funds, we are paid nothing.